Our remodel is absolutely fabulous, and looks quite seamless with the rest of the house. His work leaves you with a feeling of quality...a sense that it’s always been there. I think he has a kind of style that feels like the permanence and quality of an older home, even though it’s a new home. It’s very solidly and nicely done–and the finishing is great.

- Kathy, Prior Lake, MN
  SJHenjum, llc, Design/Build

We pay attention to detail

"Anybody can remodel a house–but understanding the complexities and making them easy and workable–that's the good part about making a remodeling project successful throughout–not just at the end. Through our 26 years doing this, we’ve come to the point of understanding those complexities."

– Steve Henjum

Remodeling since 1981

President Steve Henjum has been a professional in the remodeling business for over 26 years. His homes have won awards, including the ROMA Remodelor of Merit Award (awarded by the Remodelor's Council through the Builder’s Association). He is passionate about what he does, and explains, "This is my life, and this is something I truly enjoy doing for a living. For me, it’s not always about the job–it's about making my clients happy."

About S.J. Henjum

Steve's love of craftsmanship was sparked back in high school shop class. He later studied landscaping, before moving into remodeling, and this appreciation of nature remains a strong influence. A self-professed creative thinker, remodeling comes naturally to him. "I can see things before they're built," he says. Steve is a "firm believer" in good design.

He enjoys working closely with his clients, and takes pride in making himself available. "I usually answer my phone immediately, and if I am unable to do that, I typically return calls within minutes."

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