Our remodel is absolutely fabulous, and looks quite seamless with the rest of the house. His work leaves you with a feeling of quality...a sense that it’s always been there. I think he has a kind of style that feels like the permanence and quality of an older home, even though it’s a new home. It’s very solidly and nicely done–and the finishing is great.

- Kathy, Prior Lake, MN
  SJHenjum, llc, Design/Build

To us, it's not a trend, it's a value

At S.J. Henjum, we're thinking and learning about how we can be more responsible, more efficient, and help educate customers about what's new and available. Some things we're offering include:

  • "Greener" finishes
  • Methods and materials that improve indoor air quality, like HEPA filters
  • Energy efficiency- we install energy efficient appliances and high-efficiency furnaces
  • Products that last longer
  • Water-conserving appliances and fixtures

Our team is committed to:


  • Material management and Waste management we try to purchase only what's needed and not waste, we recycle when possible, and practice responsible disposal of materials 
  • Improving air quality and air quality standards- S.J. Henjum recently invested in a HEPA system that helps keep a house as dust-free as possible while we’re in the process of remodeling a house, and striving to create finished projects that contribute to good air quality
  • Less toxic materials- striving to use materials that are free of toxins like formaldehyde, and using paint with low solvent/VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels 



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