Steve was great. He came when he said he would, he took care of things, he found a way to get what it was we wanted. We would work with him again.

- Kris, Apple Valley MN
  SJHenjum, llc, Design/Build

Some planning ahead can save you headaches! Here are some tips we’ve gathered from our 26 years in the remodeling business:

  • You need to know up front that remodeling is a disruption. We minimize it as much as possible, but the fact is, we’re in your house for 8-10 hrs. a day for a few months. We prefer to work during business hours. Though our customers are eager for the remodel to end, they really appreciate the evening and weekend time as a much-needed break.
  • Don’t have a definite, tight deadline—like rushing to get a job done just before a holiday, or in time for guests.
  • Plan on living with extra dust, chaos, and noise, and protect or move anything that might break (dishes in a cupboard can break from the vibration of construction in a nearby room). Our new HEPA system will minimize dust during the project, and our team is careful about cleaning up their workspace, but remodeling not exactly a neatnik’s paradise.


Before your remodel, please teach your kids about safety—especially not approaching us while we work. For everyone’s safety, we contain the work area, we clean up daily, and police it at the end of the day to be sure there’s no hazardous material lying around. We never let kids near us when we’re sawing, etc., though it’s important that you or a caregiver keep children safely occupied during our work time.

Kids are curious, and resilient, but they can also be upset when their familiar surroundings are changed, so it’s helpful to talk beforehand about what will happen, and give them a sense of how nice the end result will be. It’s also important to help them feel safe and reassured by having a place for them to play and keeping some of their special toys and/or stuffed animals availible.

Kids often take their cue from your attitude–whether you embrace the remodel as an exciting, interesting process, or a terrible burden.  So this is a good time to plan some fun family activities outside the house.  Kids also have fun taking or drawing pictures of the remodeling stages for a scrapbook.


Our team likes pets, though pets don’t like remodeling–especially cats. If you have pets, we will put signs on the door(s) reminding everyone to watch out for your pets, and our team will pay careful attention to this. During our work hours, we ask you to have a safe, contained place for the pets. If your pet is especially anxious, your vet may have some additional tips and ideas for minimizing stress.


Depending on the area being remodeled, you may need to set up a temporary kitchen, and may be necessary to move your refrigerator out of the kitchen. With kitchen remodels, dishwashing gets relocated to a bathroom or laundry room. If you like to cook and can make and freeze some meals ahead you’ll appreciate the homemade food, and if the weather allows for grilling out, that’s also helpful, since you’ll probably end up eating out more than usual.

As you pack up your kitchen, we recommend the following for your “camp kitchen:”
  • A microwave 
  • An electric frying pan and/or a crock-pot
  • A toaster and/or toaster oven
  • Cutting boards and cookie sheets (to catch drips and double as dish trays)
  • Basic utensils, including knives, scissors, and pizza cutters
  • Some plates, bowls, cups and some silverware (especially if you have kids who like to eat from special plates)
  • A colander
  • Serving bowls 
  • Food storage containers
  • Pitchers for iced tea/lemonade/etc.
  • Several dishpans and towels 
  • Plastic tablecloths can help protect a makeshift workspace
  • Folding drying racks can be helpful 
We also recommend stocking up on: 
  • Paper towels and dishcloths
  • Paper plates, bowls, napkins, and utensils and/or plastic picnicware
  • Fruits and veggies–people often crave this if they’re eating a lot of less-healthy restaurant food



Remodeling in one room usually means a change of scenery in at least one, if not several other rooms in your house. You can pack up the area to be remodeled and relocate it to another area of the house.  Or take advantage of storage facilities or portable storage containers–as long as they’re out of the path of construction vehicles, and within your city codes.


Our team is professional and courteous, and we think of ourselves as guests in your house, even when your house is a construction zone. We pack or purchase our own lunches, and to protect from spills, our team doesn't bring beverages inside the job.   
Our working hours are generally 8 am to 4:30 or 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Again, we try not to work Saturdays unless it’s necessary, and we would arrange that with you ahead of time. If you have any issues or concerns along the way, we're very receptive to hearing them.

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